Wk 4: 2/11 – 2/18

a.) New dimensions and sketches after last week’s prototype: The dimensions of the form have been updated so that it is less wide. Below are some sketches of how I originally planned to build the bottom base of the stands.

b.) Getting the materials: The materials I use for this are extremely important to me. I wanted to find material that is either biodegradable or reused/reclaimed wood. Fortunately, the amazing Big Reuse had a load of this hardboard/pegboard material and reclaimed wood panels on sale! I wanted to use reclaim wood but there weren’t enough large sheets of the same thickness of wood. This flexible hardboard material is great, super cheap and biodegradable…but it did change my original building idea. I had to re-sketch and rethink how to go about building this piece using this hardboard/pegboard. Came up with this frame structure and have the pegboard act as panels.

c.) Starting building one of the stands: After seeing the materials that Big Reuse, I began building the frame for the bottom base of a stand. This frame structure is based on the cardboard prototype dimensions and my sketches.

d.) Complete teardown research: finished the first pass at researching all the components that make up my parent’s Lenovo G560 laptop. Teardown sheet lives here. Feeling good enough about content to better flush out the wireframe design for the ‘Birth’ Section.

e.) Update ‘Birth’ Section for wireframe: Now that the teardown research is a little more flushed out, I have redesigned this section’s website.

Invision of wireframe: here

f.) Create a user interaction diagram: thought it would make my life easier if I diagrammed the steps that I’d like people to take when interacting with this piece. Below is a diagram of the interaction flow.

Main goal for next week: finish the structure and basic interaction for the ‘Birth’ section. Get basic interaction of scanning the component to work so that people can try it out.

Questions: I’m still not sure what the future section should be exactly. The idea of laptop ashes in urn seems to be tonally off now and I’m not sure what I’m trying to say with that concept. The main point of this section is to have people speculate on betters ways to recycling electronics. The main takeaway is to reflect and rethink the current system. Below are two potential ideas that I’m hoping to get feedback on.