Wk 3: 2/5 -2/11

For this week, I focused on a.) trying to get the RFID tags to work, b.) rough coding of the website, c.) updates to the form

a.) Trying to get RFID tags to work was easy enough. The hard part was trying to get the serial communication to work with the server side coding. As a first step, I tried to just get the tag name to show up using p5js + serial communication but I also ran into issues there. More updates on that to come.

b.) The initial coding of the website it coming along, but I’m still not sure about the design. I am thinking I might need to do another design sprint where I just try to make as many visual identities for this as possible. I also need to integrate the visual identity into the physical set up soon.

c.) Updates to the form. The screen needs to be placed higher up. The depth also needs to be deeper.

Coding Resources:

Code for this week:

Thank you!!!

Many thanks to Professor Shawn Van Every for helping with the RFID code issues. Problem solved as always!