Interview with Environmental Service Group: Notes

Notes: here

What I found out was:
The Environmental Service Group is actually a transfer facility. Sunnking sends their electronics with hazardous waste to the transfer facility.

  • Transfer facility:  ship it to wear it needs to go. Don’t actually store or get rid of it
  • station but they are not disposed of there
  • come in but sent out in bulk loads 
  •  Sunnking breaks down all the electronics and sends their electronics with hazardous waste to Environmental Service Group
  • 4 different facilities that they ship it out to Ohio and Michigan
  • How do the other places dispose of the hazardous waste?
    • a lot of hazardous waste gets incinerated
    • fuels blending, liquid injection, metal recovery
  • for hazardous waste – can only be stored up to 10 days. Within 10 days it has to be shipped.
  • all stored in DOT shipping containers (department of transportation)
  • They ship to: Environmental Enterprise Inc.
    • In Cincinnati, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio
    • Different disposal methods that they use