Interactive Scenario – V2

Update: form has changed so it is smaller in scale. However, the interaction is the same as I had previously proposed. The reason I changed the form from the previous concept sketch was because I figured out more context-related questions:

a. ) Where does this live?
Ideally this lives in a science museum or a public library but since I don’t think this will be the same scale of a science museum interactive, I am thinking this is more of a polished working prototype to pitch to a science museum like Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Liberty Science Center or NY Hall of Science. Given the time frame, I see my polished interactive prototype being shown at places such as the public library, education centers, STEAM after school places, recycling centers, LES Ecology Center.

b.) Is it a permanent installation somewhere?
I am hoping to pitch the concept and content of this interactive to museums or educational centers that might be interested. So perhaps this interactive is a smaller scale but communicates the message. It also has to be modular and easy to travel with if I want to bring it to many places. It’ll be better if it is smaller in scale as most likely it won’t be a permanent installation (unless I can find someone willing to sponsor it).

c.) Who is it for?
As many people as I can reach. Ideally, this interactive is for anyone who is over 13 years old. I can see this being something both 13 and 60 year olds could benefit from.