Library Database Research

Step 1 (Library Catalog/Classification Sheet): I first tried to do the Library Catalog/Classification worksheet using the NYU Library Database. This was extremely helpful for helping me understand the key words to use for searching.

Library Catalog sheet here.

Step 2 (Research Diary): Over the weekend, I started using the Research Diary! Before the research diary I spent countless hours reading random articles on the internet, and I would constantly feel like I had achieved nothing afterwards. I’m finding that this research diary helps me structure my time and record my findings in a more productive way.

I also watched a documentary that Becca recommended me regarding my topic called “Manufactured Wasteland.” I found it especially helpful to have the Research Diary to help me reflect on everything I was thinking and feeling after watching such a disturbing documentary.

Documenting my findings and jotting down my reflection is much more helpful then just saving links in my page. I will definitely keep adding on to this research diary  – it has now become a very therapeutic document to have in my life.

Research Diary Entries here.

Step 3 (Meeting with Margaret): On Monday, Becca, Maya and I met with Margaret to go over best practices for searching and using online databases. I found this to be extremely fruitful for understanding the nuances of a search. She also walked through how to search for each of our specific topics. For mine, she used the EBSCO database and papers in the ACM Digital library.

Here are some notes from our meeting

Step 4 (Database): 

Database Sheet here.