Initial Concept

Every object has a story to tell. My interest is in investigating and communicating that story. I would like to take a closer look at our everyday objects by examining the invisible forces that make them possible. By invisible forces I am thinking of the people who made this product, how it was made, the materials used to make it, the science behind it, and the policies that perpetuate this system.

I also wonder about what happens to a product when it “dies.” Where do the materials go, how is it recycled (if it is). What about the parts that contain toxic chemicals, what are the environmental factors and human health hazards that come into play, where do they end up if they aren’t recycled?

The plan is to trace a product by following it from birth, life to death. By doing so, I aim to understand the efforts and conflicts involved in the making of something. Other questions that come up for me: Can simply being aware of a device’s story change how we consume and dispose of products? Is awareness enough? After awareness, what’s next?