Wk 11: 4/1-4/7

Overall goal: need to get better at focusing when working at home.

Some updates: a.) make aluminum animation, b.) assemble component box’s graphics, c.) exploded view animation, d.) assemble RFID reader to kiosk, e.) integrate animation to website, f.) Q+D (Quick and Dirty) show, g.) code tweaks after Q+D show

a.) make aluminum animation

I followed the same steps as I did for the copper animation. This time it went by faster. First, I researched and wrote a script. Then I storyboarded my animation based on the script. Next, I illustrated the storyboard in Illustrator. I voice recorded myself narrating the script. I put it all together and added animated it in After Effects.

Thanks to Sarah’s helpful suggestion, I tried to add some more pauses and humor.

b.) assemble component box’s graphics

In order for the RFID tag to be read when the box is put into the scanning slot, I needed to make some graphics that indicated which side is in. The vinyl graphics came. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an environmentally friendly, online vinyl printing company that also delivered. So I would say this part is not a shining moment/ something I am proud of.

c.) exploded view animation

Many people have suggested that I have an intro animation that shows where each component lives inside the laptop. Since a lot of these components look foreign to people, it is important to make it clear that it belongs in a laptop.

d.) assemble RFID reader to kiosk

So far, I have been treating the RFID reader and tag separately from the kiosk. But I finally integrated the two. What that entails is putting the RFID reader into the scanner slot and having the Arduino attached and placed in a safe spot inside the kiosk.

e.) integrate animation to website

I added the animation into the website and coded a custom progress bar and playhead for it. Finally finished coding the “Finished” page too.

f.) Q+D (Quick and Dirty) show

For the Q+D Show, I made a small presentation (based on the midterm presentations) for helping me explain to testers. Since I couldn’t have people try out the full kiosk interactive, I shared with them the website that appears when the Cooling System component is scanned. Overall, it was extremely helpful to user test! The feedback I received was so helpful and I’m beyond grateful for everyone’s smart advice.

Some key points were: a.) better explain what is being scanned and how it is being scanned, b.) include a photographic representation of the object for the web vs, c.) small UI tweaks to make it easier to navigate through the website, d.) make a web version of the interaction so that this website can be used in classrooms and for anyone online.

More feedback notes: here

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