Wk 8 + 9: 3/12-3/24

The past 2 weeks were slow on account of the COVID-19 adjustments and spring break. I took a mental break and allowed myself to be a slug for a week. Eventually, I got around to being more lighthearted-it doesn’t feel good to be anxious all the time (though sometimes it can’t be helped). Some minor steps I managed to make: a.) progress on the web development for the cooling system, b.) storyboard for the copper animation, and c.) develop a new game plan for the 2nd kiosk, d.) email all the places I was planning to user test at.

a.) Progress on the web development for the cooling system

The HTML, CSS and JS for the Cooling System is almost complete. The only part missing is the click through steps for the elements.

Code is here.

b.) Storyboard the steps and animation for mining and manufacturing copper

The research and content development for this one copper animation took a long time. It took multiple references and multiple watches of the same documentary video for me to understand the gist of how copper mining and manufacturing works. Part of the reason it takes so long is because each source explains different techniques – it reminds me that there are really so many ways and steps involved with this. The steps I am describing are just a simplified depiction of what is a very complex procedure.

Anyways, I first wrote a script and was sure to write all the sources. Based on the script and diagrams from the sources I started storyboarding the animation.


After storyboarding the animation, I realized that there were too many steps and that it would be a very long animation. The easier and more sensible approach is to do a click through for each step on the website. The steps will still animate but it won’t be a full blown 5 min animation that it would’ve been if it were all combined.

c.) Develop a new game plan for the 2nd kiosk

The new game plan is to just do the 2nd kiosk in cardboard. Professor Ben was extremely helpful to talk to about how I can readjust my fabrication plan. He suggested I build it out in cardboard with all the physical computing elements in place. For the screen, I will just be using a table for it to sit on and build the cardboard structure around it.

d.) Email all the places I was planning to user test at

I’ve been still emailing with the people at Sims Center, Dibner Library and Beam Center about showing the piece at their place. They have all been so understanding. The new schedule is just to keep in touch and show it once this virus storm is gone. No one knows when that will be, but praying that situation improves for everyone soon.

Thank you!!!

Many thanks to Professor Ben Light for helping me come up with a decent game plan for the 2nd kiosk and for lending me shop tools. So helpful! I also promise to bring it all back.