Wk 6: 2/27 – 3/3

Updates for this week: a.) Continue fabricating ‘making’ stand – finish the base, b.) finish content outline for cooling system c.) design website section for cooling system, d.) code the website, e.) create worksheet for ‘reimagining/future’ workshop + run a workshop

a.) Continue fabricating the first stand: make the bin box, cnc the top frame, cut then put on the pegboard panels, and attach the wheels

Due to the material choice of using the pegboard panels and building a frame out of reused/scrap wood, the fabrication process is taking longer than expected. It turns out that making a frame is quite complicated and requires a lot more precision than if I were to use solid panels of wood for the sides. But it’s an enjoyable process and coming along slowly but surely. By the end of the week I was finally able to make the bin box, finish cnc the top frame, cut the side pegboard panels, and attach the wheels! The base is now complete and I can now focus on the top screen panel.

b.) Finish the content outline for the cooling system

Just with one component (the cooling system: cooling fan + heat sink + heat pipe) there were many questions to answer. The research I wanted to include: What is the object, what is the component, what is made of, why is this material used, is the material toxic, and how is this material mined/processed.

The trickiest part was editing the words into short, sticky sentences.

Sheet can be seen: here.

d.) Code the website

The code for the website is coming along slowly. I’ve also been watching some udacity advanced css/animations tutorials to help create more responsive and animated websites.

Rough example of site: here
* Don’t know why some of the fonts aren’t showing up when I upload to github though, will need to figure that out.

e.) Create a worksheet and ran a workshop for the ‘reimagining/future’ section

I ran a small workshop with a group of friends. I’ve been thinking about the ‘reimagining’ section throughout the weeks as I’ve been making the first stand. Talks with people have been helpful but the best advice I got was to stop ideating and to just run a workshop to help figure out the answers.

I also realized that I wanted the final takeaway of the experience to be a receipt that summarizes the cost analysis of your choice to either recycle or throw away the electronic into the regular trash. The idea is that when the user clicks ‘Finished’ on the screen, a receipt will print out the cost of their choice.

With the workshop, I wanted to text he exact wording and reflection prompt. Through the workshop I also received extremely helpful feedback. Biggest takeaways: a.) use icons instead of words to show the impact – the text isn’t as impactful, b.) the question prompts felt like a quiz that people didn’t know the answer to, c.) the ‘you’ in the question needs to be clarified, d.) ‘cost’ in what way? what is the exact definition of ‘cost’ here?

f.) Rethink and resketch the idea of a 3rd stand

For the sake and time and practically, I decided there will be no 3rd stand. Instead, when people click the ‘Finished’ button in the 2nd kiosk, the receipt will print from there. It just makes no sense at this point to have a 3rd kiosk, especially when I am still trying to figure out what it’ll be.

Full setup with 2 kiosk and an Intro Mural

Coding/Tutorial References: