Interview with Kara, Sims Recycling Center

Interview Notes

Some Takeaways:

  • What happens when electronics show up… they become co-mingled with all the other waste like metal, glass, plastic
    • At the recycling center there are a series of technology that sort out the different materials that then get sold to the smelters
    • With an electronic products, there’s no technology that sorts it out from the mix
    • If it accidentally gets in the mix the consequences are dangerous
    • Especially with batteries, fires can occur at the center if they are mixed in
  • Other problems that happens when electronics get mixed into the waste batch
    • Electronics are going to waste —> negative consequences when they go to landfills and incinerators
    • If it ends up in a waste bail (tightly compressed cubes), they bail up the waste and the electronic ends up going to incinerator
    • What happens if the electronic ends up the waste pile? Need to know specifics!