Initial Personas

General Personas

– Middle school to high school students

– Educators

– People who work with trash or e-waste, people in the e-waste/waste community

Specific Personas:

During my talk with Marina Zurkow, she mentioned I should think about personas. Part of what was missing from my research and proposed scenario was the “who is this for” aspect. I realized that even if my personas are subject to change, it will be good to at least reflect on who I’m designing for. Depending on who it’s for, the design will drastically change. 

Persona 1

Name: Davin

Role: 6th grade student

Age: 12 years old

Hobbies: piano, drawing, reading science-fiction books 

Davin is interested in recycling and waste after visiting a Recycling Center for a school field trip. While at the Recycling Center, he was able to see where his and everyone’s trash goes. There was also an exhibit/ information center at the Recycling Center. This is where he was able to learn more about the subject and was taken aback by the electronic waste section. He found out where some of his electronic products come from and was disturbed to know that the toxic chemicals and mining were unsafe for the workers and bad for the environment. Since the field trip he has been pushing his parents to compost and asking more questions about where their batteries go when they are dead.

Persona 2

Name: Milly

Occupation: Software Engineer

Age: 33

Hobbies: plant keeping, volunteering at the botanical garden, hiking, taking night classes to improve her skill sets and knowledge

Milly tries to spend as much time away from the screen when not coding for her job. She loves hiking and is influenced by books such as “The Silent Spring” and “Cradle to Cradle.” From reading general public books and from keeping up with the news, she is upset at the environmental damages that humans cause. Milly recently wanted to throw away her growing pile of printer cartridges, batteries, and broken electronics (i.e. toaster, hair dryer) but doesn’t know how to do it properly. All she knew was that she can’t just toss it into the garbage, so she looks up for places to throw away her electronic waste. Upon searching she also stumbles upon a lot more information about e-waste. This leads her to go down a rabbit hole and she finds herself spending hours reading online articles on the topic.