Conversation with Marina – 11/25/19

Monday, 11/25/19

Good books/articles/websites she recommended

Other notes or reflection

She was extremely great at helping me take a step back and reflect on what it is I want people to take away from this project? As opposed to making a speculative project (something I feel uncomfortable doing anyways), the nudge was to make a connection and create validity amongst the community at the forefront of e-waste. Ultimately, whose attention am I trying to get and what are the takeaways I want people to have? Is awareness even the issue? How to make changes in habit? Also, she has the most spot-on references. So much gratitude for her.

Other self-reflective questions and notes to think through: 

  • What is the best strategy for learning?
  • Nudges to stay away from speculative art as it will be harder for the waste community + experts to take me seriously this way
  • Can I trace the emotional journey that I went through since I began my research?
  • What happens to the products after sorting? This is just something I should find out.
    • Outreach campaign on the appropriate ways to dispose?
    • What happens to recycling after sorting in NYC?
  • What is the effective/affective outcome that I want? I should think outcomes and work backwards
  • Issues with using the microscope as a metaphor for looking closer in this context
  • Semiconductor fields: beautiful films that explain scientific concepts 
    • But the question remains…what next? 
    • What am I trying to achieve?
  • Awareness; change habits? 
  • Who is this for?
    • For kids? If so, need to know protocol
    • Why are you asking people to care?
  • What’s the next generation of recycling?
  • Is there really a value in seeing this arc of life to death?
  • Ask the experts, ask LES ecology, ask SIMS Recycling Center.